Formulated for what makes you and your hair unique.

Hair growth starts with whole-body health, so root causes and what hair needs to grow can differ based on biology and age. Find the formula perfectly designed for your bio-specific needs.

Doctor formulated with innovative nutraceutical technology.

Nutrafol’s patented Synergen Complex® powers hair growth by multi-targeting root causes from within.

Standardized dosages of proven phytoactives ensure you’re getting the dose that gets clinical results.

In 1-3 months, look for less shedding. After 6 months, look for noticeably thicker, stronger hair.

Physician-formulated for purity and performance.

Our nutraceuticals are made with medical-grade botanical extracts in standardized dosages for consistent potency and with bioavailable ingredients for excellent absorption and results. We source the highest quality ingredients from around the world supporting sustainable growers and responsible stewardship of natural resources. All products are third-party-tested for purity.

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