Profractional Laser


With fractionated laser treatments, the laser beam vaporizes columns of skin to the depth & concentration set by the operator to give you the best results. Each vaporized column of skin is replaced with brand new skin faster than if the entire surface was removed, because the surrounding untreated skin reacts by releasing healing substances & growth factors.

What to expect:

On the day of your Profractional Laser treatment, we’ll apply a strong anesthetic cream and do a painless dental block if treating the mouth area. When we start the treatment, we do a light pass with shallow settings so that we can paint on liquid anesthetic to penetrate deeper than surface anesthetic can get, which makes the rest of the treatment more comfortable. During the treatment we paint on medications and/or vitamins, specific to your goals and skin type, to penetrate down the skin openings for maximum effectiveness.

What comes next?

For about thirty minutes or so after a Profractional Laser treatment, the treated areas feel very hot, and we apply cold compresses until it cools down. The treated skin may have spots of pinpoint bleeding, depending on the treatment depth, for the first day. With Profractional Laser treatments for acne scars, there’s often also some swelling for a few days. From the second day post-treatment through possibly day ten, depending on the area treated and your skin response, the treated area will go from a patchy red to a mild pink. People often believe on the second day after a Profractional Laser treatment that they’re going to be too red to go out in public for at least a week, but by the fourth or fifth day, they’re amazed by how fast it suddenly looks better.

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