PDO Threads


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The PDO Threads involves the placement of absorbable suture material to lift moderate sagging. Dual action treatment provides an immediate lift and then restores subtle volume over time.

Who is a candidate?

  • Do you want skin tightening and lifting?
  • Do you want to increase collagen synthesis/regeneration and gradually restore subtle volume?
  • Do you want natural-looking, more youthful appearance?

How does it work:

It works by inserting absorbable suture material (similar to Sculptra) a biomedical copolymer, under the skin within the subcutaneous (superficial fatty layer) tissue. The absorbable suture material incorporates bidirectional cone technology which act to grip the skin, creating anchor points to tighten and lift a specific area. The sutures and bidirectional cones are biocompatible and biodegradable.

Benefits seen:

Subtle lifting effects may be seen immediately after treatment. Subtle volume increases occur over 6-10 weeks. Results may last up to 18 months or longer depending on the condition of your skin, metabolism and lifestyle.

What to expect/downtime:


  • On the day of your treatment, a local anesthetic (lidocaine) will be injected to treatment areas to minimize discomfort
  • The areas to be treatment will be marked
  • The entire visit takes about 45 minutes
  • Patients may expect to experience moderate bruising and swelling
  • Some patients experience pinpoint bleeding
  • Slight irregularity may appear at insertion points and typically disappear within a few days

Downtime/post-treatment care:

Patients may experience moderate bruising and swelling. Applying cold packs and the use of arnica and a topical bruise healing cream may help to reduce symptoms. Patients receive post treatment care instructions to follow that are equally important to help patients achieve their best results.

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