When it comes to hair removal for lips, chin, sideburns, nose, and brows, waxing is one of the best methods. Waxing entails the use of hot wax to remove hair, including the root. This results in a very smooth finish. Wax results typically last about 4-5 weeks. At Cosmetic Lounge, we offer facial waxing services; such as lip, brow, cheeks, nose, etc. Our technicians take care of your skin when waxing, we use only the best products to cleanse the skin before and nourish the skin afterward. Waxing services can be added to any facial service. Just please make sure to mention that you would also like a waxing service when you schedule your appointment so we can allow enough time for it. Occasionally, our esthetician may have time during your scheduled facial, so if you forgot to plan ahead, just ask!

Contact Cosmetic Lounge today at 443-388-2225 to schedule your Waxing appointment.

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