Hair Restoration Therapy (PRP): Accelerated hair loss and thinning is common in women and men as we age. Certain medical conditions, hereditary traits, menopause, even stressful life events can all contribute to the condition. Cosmetic Lounge works with PRP therapy to help restore hair growth. Our approach to combat hair loss and awaken sluggish hair follicles combines two tried and true interventions, PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy combined with microneedling.

How it works:

PRP is found in our own blood. These nutrient-rich blood cells contain essential growth factors that once injected into the affected area, assist in tissue regeneration and healing. Microneedling utilizes a multineedle head to perforate the scalp, further stimulating the body’s natural response to send growth factors to the “injured” site. Both treatments are safe and clinical results show this nonsurgical regimen is promising in promoting hair regrowth.

What to expect:

Hair restoration PRP therapy consists of four treatment sessions (approximately 45 minutes each) at four to six week intervals. During your procedure, an anesthetic will be applied and/or injected to the treatment area to minimize discomfort and your blood will be drawn. While your blood is being separated via the centrifuge, we will apply our microneedling technique to the targeted area. There is no downtime, patients typically bring a hat or head covering to wear home. If possible, it’s best to wait 24 hours before you wash your hair after treatment.

After your treatment:

Hair regrowth will vary greatly per individual. In some cases regrowth was shown as early as six weeks after the first treatment session. In some cases, it is possible that the treatment will not produce any hair regrowth, but will assist in maintaining existing hair strands.

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