Social media profiles can be viewed by anybody—from future employers to romantic interests. It’s important to look your best online. That goes for the fellas too.

One plastic surgeon out of Beverly Hills says the growing online presence of the general public has generated an uptick in what is referred to in the industry as “Brotox.”

Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar, MD, has cited a big boost in male patients. About 30 percent of the total people who see him for Botox injections are male. Of his filler patients, the guys make up 20 percent.

Gentlemen all over the country are opening up their wallets for an array of treatment options. Routine Botox injections (every three months or so) can run as little as $250 each time in.

New York Psychotherapist David Ortmann is a fan of the trend. He’s already received non-invasive treatments like Botox and fillers numerous times. He framed his experience like this: “Instead of putting a picture of yourself up there from five years ago, why not have [this procedure] done?”

Another plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Dara Liotta has been developing a procedure tailored for men. Dubbing it the “LitLift,” inspired by the makeup contouring used the world over by ladies. “Essentially, the goal is to make you look like you are always well-lit, like in a Snapchat or Instagram filter,” Dr. Liotta said.

She promises Botox and filler are for everybody. Don’t let the ladies hog the foundation of youth.

There shouldn’t be a stigma surrounding simple injections. In Los Angeles, for example, there is a huge boom in Botox and filler. It’s viewed as regular maintenance rather than anything more drastic like invasive surgery.

Of course, the more popular something gets, the more risk there is of people doing it wrong.

Seek out a medical provider who is experienced and well trained and who is willing to answer all of your questions in a comfortable consultation.

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