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Sculptra Aesthetic Body

The non-surgical method to adding volume and smoothness to skin texture may be exactly the confidence that you are looking for!

Sculptra Ax provides a natural subtle lift to the butt, smooths cellulite, and can correct crepey arms, knees and neck lines.

How it works: 

Sculptra® Aesthetic - Replace Volume Loss and Build Collagen. Sculptra® Aesthetic is a global filler that is designed to last about 25 months. It restores fullness and stimulates collagen growth gradually over the course of 2-3 treatments providing long term, natural results. This is a fine art and should only be administered by someone who is specially trained.

What to expect:

As with every procedure performed at Cosmetic Lounge, patient type and desired results will allow us to decide if Sculptra Ax body treatment is right for you. If so, the chosen area for collagen stimulation will be marked, it will be thoroughly cleaned and prepped. The procedure is comprised of quick and painless injections. Once we determine appropriateness, the series of treatments are three to six weeks apart.

After your procedure:

Results of Sculptra Ax typically last 2 or more years. Eventually, the product is metabolized and absorbed without harm by the body. Typically, the treatments are easily tolerated with minimal downtime. Daily activities are typically not interrupted.

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